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For more than ten years, FIEF has provided daily support to Geneva schools and top-level sports clubs.

Thanks to shared management between its clients and FIEF, defined on a case-by-case basis, each one takes charge of his areas of expertise, thus creating the essential conditions for efficiency and cost optimization.

UNIFORME Schools : our own dedicated ERP, based on ODOO

Student life

  • Student data
  • Class management
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • School outings
  • Attendance
  • Grades and report cards

Internal and external communication tool

  • Web portal for parents
  • Web portal for teachers
  • Mailmerge
  • Simple sending of emails
  • Complete historical records
  • A giant step towards dematerialization

Unique source for reporting purposes

  • Flexible and centralized management of listings
  • Reports by class, by activity, by outing
  • A real CRM for even more precise targetting
  • PDF or Excel
  • Report cards
  • Conforme au RGPD

Integrated software

  • Unique database
  • Integration of student life with invoicing
  • Integration of invoicing with accounting
  • Integration of attendance records with report cards
UNIFORME Schools: a software for all


The primary mission of UNIFORME Schools is to facilitate invoicing :

  • Services provided on a monthly, trimester or annual basis, or simply on demand
  • Invoicing done on monthly, trimester or annual schedules
  • For the same student, different services can be invoiced to different partners according to different schedules
  • Configurable price lists


UNIFORME Schools offers teachers :

  • A totally digital and secure way to communicate with the Educational Direction about their students
  • A modern way to input grades and evaluations
  • The possibility to edit their own lists
  • The complete school records of their students
  • Real-time access to all school forms

Educational direction

UNIFORME Schools improves the monitoring of school life by the Educational Direction by facilitating the sharing of:

  • All teacher comments about students
  • All grades and evaluations

UNIFORME Schools also helps in managing substitute teachers.


UNIFORME Schools offers parents a web portal to :

  • Manage the data related to their children
  • Sign their children up for after-school and lunch activities
  • Signal attendance-related information
  • Communicate with the school

Auxiliary personnel

  • Integration with time sheets improves the management of hourly personnel
  • Thanks to its definition of roles, auxiliary personnel only have access to students to which they are linked

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