Donor Foundations and associations


Revolutionize your daily management


An innovative management concept for foundations and associations managing donations, grants and subsidies.


In collaboration with donor foundations, FIEF has developed a resolutely new approach in the management of donations and grants. With a joint offer of a dedicated software tool and the assistance of highly qualified personnel, FIEF offers the opportunity of a total or partial outsourcing of the management of your foundation or association.

A innovative vision

  • Full functional coverage from the origin of the request to the payment
  • Automatic link with budget tracking and accounting
  • The choice of sharing the tasks of daily management
  • The availibility of experts in the management of donor foundations and associations: grant management, finance, human ressources, taxation, management control

Normalized management procedures

  • An appropriate internal control system
  • Adjustable validation steps: analysis, presentations to the Board, execution of decisions, payments, budgetary impact, accounting
  • User roles in sync with your organisation

Accrued visibility

  • A mutli-annual time dimension: financial planning, budgets, procurements, grant and subsidy followup
  • In real time
  • Completely customizable tagging of requests to reflect your analysis needs
  • A complete set of standard reports enhancable to match your control needs.
  • Complete tracability of funds


standing by your side

Grant management

  • Reception and analysis of grant requests
  • Presentation to the Board
  • Execution of decisions
  • Contacts with requestors

Backoffice services

  • Budget elaboration
  • Accounting services
  • Electronic payment management
  • Work contracts and wages

Fiscal assistance

  • Establishement of institution statutes
  • Link with fiscal authorities
  • Fiscal rulings
  • Annual declarations

odoo foundations :

a dedicated software

A modern and high-performance tool

ODOO Fondations brings major gains in efficiency and consistency.

  • A single and permanent recording of each data point
  • An appropriate and systematic grant request workflow
  • A multi-domain solution (management of grants, finance, wages, HR, Document management, etc)
  • Intuitive reporting tools
  • Des possibilités élargies d’interface

A future-proof platform

ODOO Fondations : a unique architecture both cost-efficient and secure.

  • Hosting in SaaS mode on servers in Equinix data centers located exclusively in Switzerland
  • No upfront investment in IT hardware
  • 4 levels of backups to insure total redundancy
  • Two-factor authentification for system access